Regelmäßige Behandlung von Wimpern-Extensions

Regular treatment
The natural lashes have a very specific growth cycle and are constantly renewing themselves. Our natural eyelashes change approximately every 3-5 weeks, which is why so-called refills are necessary.

When refilling, new extensions are attached to all free natural eyelashes . Too long-grown extensions are renewed. the refill is recommended every 3 – max. 4 weeks in order to get a long-term beautiful result. This is how they can be worn permanently, without damaging your natural eyelashes.

Qualität der Wimpernbehandlung

Quality comes first
The products we use are made in Germany. They are specially selected and developed for sensitive eyes and particularly for allergic. No animal testing are carried out during production and we also don#t work with animal products. All extensions are made of synthetic.

Regular training and high-quality products support a high standard of quality. Due to our special medical adhesive, which is excellent in resistance and compatibility, daily showering, sports activities, swimming and sunbathing are possible without restriction.