A new model usually takes a period of 80-120 minutes, depending on how many extensions are applied. A refill takes about 60 minutes.

Please come to the appointment without eye makeup, with cleansed lashes. Please do not apply mascara or eye make-up on the day of treatment – the natural lashes will absorb the oil of the mascara and even if removed, the extensions will not last. If you wear other artificial eyelashes (bands ), they should be removed at least one day before. Between eyelash application and eyelash dyeing or eyelash wave should be at least 2 weeks. Please remove your contact lenses before treatment.

48 hours after the treatment, the extensions should not be moistened (no contact with water, no sauna , no solarium)

  • do not apply make-up for 24 hours
  • do not use oil cosmetics
  • do not apply Macara
  • do not use waterproof make-up

Clean your eyelash extensions daily with the special eyelash shampoo.
Under no circumstances rub a cotton pad over the eyelashes. Fluff from the pad will stick in the eyelashes and it can also rip your eyelashes off while cleansing.
Talk to us about this and we can offer you the optimal product.

No! Mascara is no longer necessary – if mascara is used, it must be free of oil , so that the adhesive bond is not destroyed. Almost every mascara sticks to the extensions and it puts too much weight on the eyelashes – this would permanently damage the natural lashes.
The application of mascara on the extension leads to a low durability and on the following refill may be charged a new treatment.

Yes, with our special remover, the exelash extensions can be removed easily . Please do not try to remove the extension by yourself . For healthy eyelashes, we recommend removal of the extensions after a maximum of 4 weeks.

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